Next-Gen Training

2-hour short course to teach you barista skills.

Band Practice

Fully-equipped practice room with drums, guitars and mics. Get the band together – it’s free to use.

Drop-in / Opens June 2021

A place for you to chill, play pool or table tennis, hang with friends and experiment in the kitchen.

Empower with Dylan

Our program offers a free lunch and delves into youth-related topics like sex, drugs, empowerment and confidence.

Empower with Rubi

Need advice on topics hard to talk to mum and dad about? This program is the opportunity to do just that.

Individual Support

Chat with one of our youth workers about anything that’s going on for you. We can provide information advice and referral to youth-specific services and/or help you to set goals and achieve them.

Transition to High School

A program to target the emotional well-being of students moving from primary to high school.

Youth Advisory Committee

Do you go to KHS? Be part of our committee and make a difference to your community.

Work Development Orders

Need to pay off that fine but don’t have the cash? Find out how SENTRAL can help.